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Smart Home:Self Protecting+Human Interactive+Weather station

Smart Home:Self Protecting+Human Interactive+Weather station

Home which protects itself, records weather conditions and interacts with residents. Fingerprint security, phone connected (sms+app)

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Components and supplies

MCP23017 IO Pin Expander
Arduino GSM shield V2
Ardgen 101
Arduino 101 & Genuino 101
Seeed Groove starter kit
Multiple power relay
Force Sensor
Humidity Sensor
Barometeric Air pressure Sensor

About this project

My idea is for smart home. Home which light up appliances when you are in room and turn off when you are out. Home which records temperature, air pressure, humidity etc. Home which can protect itself.

All the information can be fetched using either Android App(Bluetooth) or sms.

Weather Conditions: With temperature, barometric, humidity sensors; the house records the atmospheric conditions and we have a personal weather station. The data can be fetched using App or SMS

Human Interaction: Using PIR Motion sensors in every room entrance(or any other location) the house knows your location and turn on appliances in that room by using multi power relay, when you leave it turns off all the appliances. It minimises the power dissipation in house.

Self Protecting: Whenever you are outside house, the protection mode activates. A force sensor is installed at entrance which detects intruder presence, a sound sensor is detecting sound all time, all Motion sensors are turned on to detect any human presence.

Fingerprint sensor: A fingerprint sensor which is installed at main gate, is used to switch between interaction mode and protection mode. Using this fingerprint scanner the home verifies whether the human is owner or intruder at gate. Also Phone App can switch between modes. Turn on protection mode when you are out of home

A siren is installed which will activate if any intruder presence is observed by the arduino. And you will get an SMS

Information from the house can be fetched anytime using a small sms, also Android App on the phone makes your phone connected to each and every sensor, and you have a weather station on phone, and any appliance can be controlled using phone

This project uses all the pins of arduino 101 board and the number of sensors are calculated as:

1 fingerprint sensor, 4 PIR Sensors, 1 Sound Sensor, 1 Siren, 1 Multi Power Relay(4 channel), 1 GSM Module

1 Temperature Sensor, 1 Sound Detector, 1 Humidity Sensor, 1 Force Sensors, 1 Barometer Sensor, A Smart Home app on phone.

Also MCP23017 expansion chip can be used to get more home appliances connected to arduino.


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