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Air Quality Monitor

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  • Air Quality Monitor over 2 years ago

    Thank you for the details they're really important and it's useful to know how to calibrate gas sensors.
    I just knew that there is a proportional relationship between flammable gas level and the analog value given by the sensor. I have not calculated the function of this relationship because these preparations of certified gases are expensive and I don't know how to calibrate them.
    The main purpose of this device is to detect an increase in the flammable gases or carbon monoxide level above the usual level (e.g. gas leak) which can be hazardous if not noticed.

  • Air Quality Monitor over 2 years ago

    First of all the purpose of this device is to detect combustible gases leak in the air. I tested the sensors by using flammable gases which are contained in devices such as lighters or stoves and the analog values increase in the presence of these gases and decreases after a certain time of stopping gas exposure.
    I don't know if these sensors are good enough for scientific or industrial applications, I have left the analog output on the LCD screen without units knowing that it would be inappropriate because I am not sure if they're calibrated or not.
    I left the device working for few days and I was monitoring the values to know the average "normal" values that means the air is clear from these gases and I set the alarm at values at least double the average.
    You might find these links useful:

  • Air Quality Monitor over 2 years ago

    The BlynkSimpleShieldEsp8266.h files are included in Blynk library and you can find it here: The MQ9 library:

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