Getting Started with RAK815 Tracker Module and Arduino

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Arduino 101 Connects with Raspberry Pi Zero W

Project tutorial by Alexis Santiago Allende

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  • Using Hologram Services with RAK WisLTE Board 3 months ago

    Hi Edward,
    I bought it on AliExpress a while back. It should be back on stock soon. I can contact Rak wireless and confirm the same. Can you share the AliExpress link where you saw the board. I can confirm if it's the latest revision or the previous revision.
    Naresh k

  • Using the RAK811 LoRa module with Arduino 6 months ago

    hi neo

    for CO-IDE, just clone the project here:

    You can directly open the .coproj files inside the repo and start tinkering with the code :)

    As for the arduino library, I really got sidetracked with other projects. Hhope to release the library soon after some cleanup and good documentation. !! apart from support for all the AT command set, would you like anything in particular from the library ??

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