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Electronic Piano Keyboard With Preset Songs

Project tutorial by Lindsay Fox

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Speak to Arduino and Control It with Google Assistant

Project tutorial by ElectroPeak

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Home Monitoring System and Smart Home Solution

Project showcase by Akash Kumar

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  • Automatic Plant Watering System Using Arduino Uno almost 3 years ago

    Diodes allow electricity to flow only in one direction. When power is off then a negative spike of voltage may occur, which will damage the Arduino or transistor. Therefore I had used a diode (help to sort out reverse current from the motor) to protect against this damage.

  • Automatic Plant Watering System Using Arduino Uno about 3 years ago

    For this project i purchased soil moisture sensor from amazon. It is working perfectly. you can use capacitive soil moisture sensor for better results but it is very expansive alternative.
    I am providing the link of amazon from where I purchased the soil moisture sensor.

  • Automatic Plant Watering System Using Arduino Uno about 3 years ago

    Steps to make water pump using 5 volt DC motor are as follows-
    1. Take a small plastic box.
    2. Make one hole in the middle of the box's cap and attach the DC motor.
    3. Take a round shaped plastic plate and attach 5 small plastic plates vartically.
    4. Attach it with the rotater of the DC motor.
    5. Make another two holes to attach water pipes.
    6. Attach 5 volt DC motor as shown in fritzing diagram with the arduino board.

    Or you can check out this video link

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