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Micro Soldering Station

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Arduino MEGA Guitar Pedal

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LX' Arduino Tetris

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Walaarm: Walabot-Powered Robotic Arm

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  • Micro Soldering Station 9 days ago

    Hi, the problem is the juice, you'll never going to have enough response power from 5v, you need at least 9v and a PID controlled heater to respond to drastic temperatures drops. For me the thermistor works fine, but If you are going to use a thermal pair have in mind that you can't cut the wire's to the length and you need an extra IC to sense the temperature. If you are using a IC that will read the thermocoupler and output via I2C, you may advantage of precision but you will have no speed, if you are going to use a OPAMP and read with arduino ADC you will have the same precision and probably your error multiplied by the opamp gain. This system works great for fast readings, it's simple it's cheap (less than 5c ) and you don't need extra components.

  • Micro Soldering Station 10 days ago

    I thank you for your comment, these thermistors work fine, you don't need much precision either, just enough to control the temperature. This one I can go 600 and it will work. The goal here was to make smallest possible and cheap soldering station. If you want to go big just build a kit T12 from eBay, there's many good options.

  • Micro Soldering Station 10 days ago

    Yes I thought of that , but then you need a custom stand, or you could use a vibration sensor it's included with the original. There's plenty of ways, but I want to keep it simple. The code is open source you could implement it easy. My original thought is having it hanging like JBC NANE-1B

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