Rechargeable general/game turn timer with battery monitor

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Temp and Humidity Monitor with Graphs and Battery Monitor

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Very low power temp and humidity monitor with min and max

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  • Accurate Clock Just Using an Arduino 9 months ago

    Hi Sorry I have not been on here for a while. To show AM/PM you just need to check if iHours is > 12 in ShowTime(). If it is then deduct 12 from it and show it as pm, otherwise show it as am. Here is the replacement ShowTime() code that does this.

    void ShowTime(unsigned long value) {
    // Alternative to show am/pm
    // Update display once a second
    // or when rolls over midnight
    String ampm;

    if ((value > lastTime + 1000) || (value < lastTime)) {
    lastTime = value;
    unsigned long iHours;
    unsigned long iMinutes;
    unsigned long iSeconds;
    SplitTime(value, iHours, iMinutes, iSeconds);
    // Display the time on line 0
    lcd.setCursor(0, 0);
    if (iHours > 12) {
    iHours = iHours - 12;
    ampm = "pm";
    else {
    ampm = "am";

    lcd.print("Time: " + FormatNumber(iHours) + ":" +
    FormatNumber(iMinutes) + ":" +
    FormatNumber(iSeconds) + ampm);

  • Accurate Clock Just Using an Arduino about 1 year ago


    Sorry I am not really sure what you are asking.

    If it is to code the buttons then I think all you need do is replace the test for WHICHEVER_BUTTON == LOW with a test to achieve recognition of your button. E.g. for MODE_BUTTON


    if (digitalRead(MODE_BUTTON) == LOW) {


    if ((rk < 555) && (rk > 379)){

    But I have not used this display so I cannot check if that is right.


  • Accurate Clock Just Using an Arduino about 1 year ago

    Hi, No. The link to the PC is only an initial process to calculate the amount by which the Arduino clock is out. Either running fast or slow. That value is entered as the initial setting of the speedCorrection variable. The clock then runs independently making this speed correct adjustment each hour.

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