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I'm Fine

Project in progress by Peter F. Jørgensen

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Walbi, the Walking Biped

Project tutorial by The Inner Geek

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Windows Remote Arduino

Project tutorial by Windows IoT

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I'm Fine

Project in progress by Peter F. Jørgensen

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  • I'm Fine almost 4 years ago

    @ody_sim The project is built to use the Azure server functionality for IoT devices, so the current code in my Github repo, is targeted specifically for this. Azure IoT services provides a lot of functionality for HW devices to talk to custom server side code, handling your business logic. Further more it provides the security aspects making sure that only your own devices are allowed to talk to the server code.

    If you do not want to use Azure, then there is nothing preventing you from taking the hardware and the Arduino code and then writing your own REST based server services. But you will have to write quite a lot more code yourself and then you also have to host your code on a secured server.

    Best regards

  • I'm Fine over 5 years ago

    This project has really been educational for me especially for the parts working with the Azure IoTHub. The Arduino MKR1000 device has also been really nice to work with as it has it all in a small form factor.

  • Windows Remote Arduino almost 6 years ago

    Really Cool! :-)
    Using your sample code and project description I succeeded activating an IO pin on my Arduino Pro Mini clone via a Bluetooth connection from several Windows devices.

    I have it up and running on these devices:

    • Arduino Nano clone with "StandardFirmata.ino" + Bluetooth module "HC-05", 9600 Baud
    • Windows Phone 8.1 "Nokia Lumia 930" with builtin Bluetooth
    • Windows 10 Laptop with builtin Bluetooth
    • RaspberryPi 2 model B with "Windows 10 IoT Core" (10.0.10586), and a cheap Bluetooth hardware dongle

    On my development PC I'm using Visual Studio 2015 (with latest updates) and all I had to do to get it working was change the project references in Project->Properties to the target platform version (from to 10.0.10586.0) in the referenced "Microsoft.Maker.*" projects in the solution.
    Also I changed the name in the C# code of my Bluetooth module to "HC-05".
    Rebuilt all and perform the required pairing of the Bluetooth devices.

    This is a very simple demo program showing how to flip a hardware IO pin, but the potential this has is not to describe - actually!

    I can't wait to make something useful with this :-)

    Great work and many thanks to the Microsoft team that made this possible.


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