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Air Compressor Controller ver.2

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Free Fall Detection Using 3-Axis Accelerometer


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Rule Sony Car Stereo Display with LC75829

by pdio

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  • How to use the accelerometer- gyroscope GY-521 11 months ago

    Datasheet you're after is for the MPU-6050, not the GY521 ;) If you look up the "MPU-6050 Register Map and Register Descriptions document" you'll find the register list you're looking for. When you request 6 bytes from register 0x3B/59 onwards, you get the MSB and LSB for AccX, AccY and AccZ, followed by two bytes for temperature, and then another six bytes for the gyro. The code should have either requested 14 bytes instead of 12, and also either displayed or dealt with the temperature, or read six bytes, and then another six bytes from 0x43/67 onwards.

    As far as what the other lines do, I believe 8 &9 enable the internal 8MHz oscillator, basically so that the MPU becomes accessible. I'm not sure why it's needed, as it should default to this on power up. Maybe some other required startup step is being skipped, and this is a workaround, or isn't actually needed.

  • How to use the accelerometer- gyroscope GY-521 11 months ago

    No, not without some sort of I2C multiplexer. The I2C device address can be set on the MPU-60X0 parts, but only the least significant bit, meaning you can only have two devices on the bus at the one time (with having it's ADO pin pulled high, and the other having it's ADO pin pulled low).

  • 16x2 LCD Backpack with Enclosure for the Onion Omega over 2 years ago

    You can, but I wouldn't recommend it... the Atmega328 can sometimes do strange stuff if the reset line isn't pulled up hard, so better safe than sorry when it's just a resistor ;)

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