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NexGen Flight Simulator: Radio Interface

Project showcase by Cris Harrison

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Arduino Controlled Pinball Machine

Project tutorial by Bob Blomquist

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  • Smart Vent System almost 3 years ago

    I have worked on something like this with my home automation system. But I started with the Thermometer itself as can do better than the Nest. I take control of 3 things in my house.
    1. Temperature settings (heats and cools automatically.
    2. Humidity settings with Zigbee comm to my Dehumidifier ( this empties its tank automatically.
    3. Fan which I want to change the air at a certain rate over time. CFM*time=Air quality.
    use of RFID sensor let you know where we are. The main interface is with a 20" touch monitor and resembles LCARS from Star Trek. The Thermometer also has a 4x4 LED/touch running from a Ti LaunchPad.
    I would like to incorporate your vents, which is a great idea but I would also get feedback from the motor to indicate the position of the vents.

  • Arduino Controlled Pinball Machine over 3 years ago

    you did yourself proud! One thing I noticed is that on your "bus bar" to make your life easyer, you have forgotten got to make labels for the bus. With all the wire it's going to be a pain to troubleshoot in a few years.
    ~~ Cris
    P.S. I'm working on a flight simulator where everything is documented and labeled. :)

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