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Pac-Man LED Pixel Panel Costume

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  • Pac-Man LED Pixel Panel Costume 8 months ago

    @Emma The each costume was around $60-$70, including the Arduino UNO. I think the MEGA should work just fine. 1 of the ghost customs takes 170 LEDs so you need 4 strings of 50, just trim off the excess. The drafting paper you can get online or at a local art supply store. I also just added the PDF to the project, sorry I must have missed uploading that file previously.

    Hope that helps!

  • Pac-Man LED Pixel Panel Costume 10 months ago

    I was going to add to this conversation, but it looks like you both have it all sorted out. It is so very cool to see people digging in and using this for your own projects. Awesome!

  • Pac-Man LED Pixel Panel Costume 10 months ago

    The LEDs I purchased were already wired together and they come in packs of 50 and just need to be plugged in together. I did wire some at the ends together and yes, those were just matching the wires. Check out individually addressable LEDs and the FastLED libraries. They do need to be individually addressable LEDs as they are aware of where they are in sequence and you can control each one by their number using the FastLED library.

    The text is correct, but I see that the diagram is confusing. The DC should be plugged into the HOT and GND, those wires leading into the first LED are for power. One would expect Red to be Hot and White to be the Ground, but that's not always the case and having non-standard or different color wires is sort of typical. Just make sure to refer to specs of whatever LEDs you end up with.

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