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Smart Energy Saver for Your Home

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Making a Cheap Laser Rangefinder for Arduino

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DIY UV Meter With Arduino and a Nokia 5110 Display

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  • Weather Station v.1.0 about 3 years ago

    I like what you are doing here Derapados! Can you post a video of this in action? May I say I am Very interested in the progress of your project, and would like to make a few suggestions (below).

    The Hartford, CT (USA) team is also interested in trying a similar weather station, and we would love to learn from what you have accomplished...
    and maybe add to it (as you are with each "Version"!)

    Adding the sensors must be the fun part.. especially moving parts like the anemometer!

    I paraphrased what you wrote:

    Version 1) Temperature, humidity and Air pressure
    Version 2) (in development with Arduino Mini)
    -Solar panel + RF transmitter/receiver.
    Enables the outdoor sensor to be powered by solar cell,
    then the RF receiver sends data to the inside Arduino with
    an advanced graphic display for showing weather condition data.

    Version 3) Anemometer, rain sensor + wifi shield to transmit data to open weather web services.**

    **So, sending Wifi data really makes such a station useful.
    If I could get up to speed with your current progress, I would like to help collaborate on "Version 4" if you don't mind?

    May I suggest that as we are in the "Anthropocene" (man-made era)
    -that Pollution levels are now an important & hazardous component of
    weather the modern urban person needs to be aware of.
    I'm very interested in utilizing sensors that can display at least 4 of the
    primary pollutants that are very important to stay informed about:

    1) Nitrogen Dioxide
    2) Ozone
    3) P.M. (Particulate Matter) -Like soot
    4) Carbon Monoxide

    I'm in discussion with the State Department of Energy and Environmental Protection to see what "air sampling stations" are currently in use, and
    if there is a signal (radio or cellular?) or online database that our additional
    Mobile sensors could add to... likely including GPS location.
    The GPS would be able to be turned off, if the user didn't want to supply this data.

    Does that sound like a fun project? I wonder what funding could be found to develop this community service that could also be very valuable to the DEEP and EPA..




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