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Young Makers Make The Headlines In Greece

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An Autonomous Wheelchair Meets The Prime Minister of China

Project showcase by Dimitris Platis

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  • Getting Started with the Smartcar Platform 8 days ago

    They are off the shelf components. You can easily find them if you look for "4wd arduino car" or similar.

  • Getting Started with the Smartcar Platform 24 days ago

    No, I don't sell any kits, however it shouldn't be hard to get the necessary components yourself. If you have any question on the parts let me know!

  • Getting Started with the Smartcar Platform 25 days ago

    Thanks Michael! These little cars are ideal for such projects. We have them being used by undergraduate software engineering students to learn about systems development. Most of them end up creating a Smartcar connected to an app via Bluetooth and then controlled somehow. One of them used an EEG sensor and controlled their vehicle with their... brains! 😂👌

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