EMoRo Basic Robot kit

Designed to encourage logical thinking and technical curiosity in a fun, engaging way, the EMoRo Robot Kit is ideal for robotics competitions and teaching in a school environment. The EMoRo is Arduino compatible and solder free, giving children the opportunity to learn the basics of micro-controller programming and robotics in clean, easy way.

The EMoRo is built on a robust aluminum chassis, and is compatible with a wide range of components from common construction kits. The ability to use LEGO Technic, Eitech and Fischertechnik parts make the EMoRo enormously flexible.
At the heart of the EMoRo is the EMoRo 2560 controller, the first Arduino compatible board with CE certification. With more than 40 different ports the EMoRo 2560 is incredibly flexible, allowing the easy connection of components like servo motors, sensors, relays, displays and many others without using solder or tools. Built in safety features include stepdown regulators, thermal shutdowns, under-voltage lockouts and cycle-by-cycle over-current protections. All this make the EMoRo 2560 rugged enough for the first steps of the beginner, whilst still being flexible enough for advanced users.

Programming the EMoRo 2560 is done via the Arduino IDE, with code libraries available through the Library Manager. A wealth of examples are provided, aiding new programmers in their first explorations of robotics, and giving more experienced programmers inspiration and encouragement in finding new solutions.

The EMoRo 2560 can be upgraded with the addition of GLAM modules to add new functions and extend the capabilities of the robot. There are several modules available, with the most advanced (GLAM PRO) providing bluetooth connectivity for control from an Android device, an LCD display and push buttons, and a gyroscope, accelerometer and compass for improving the navigation capabilities of your robot.

EMoRo Pro Robot kit contains:
1x Upgradeable Aluminium Chassis kit
1x Omniwheel
2x Wheel with silicone tire
2x Digital Servo Motor (Standard and Continuous Rotation)
1x Battery case for 6 AA batteries
1x T-plug Adapter for Lithium Polymer Battery
2x IR sensor
1x Ultrasonic distance sensor
1x EMoRo2560 controller
1x USB Mini cable
1x Screw driver
1x DVD with instructions
1x Set of screws for mounting Eitech, LEGO Technic & Fischertechnik parts

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