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Project tutorial by Team Those Peddling Kids

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Project tutorial by Avocados unLtd.

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  • 2Wheelz about 6 years ago

    You guys made a great product and did a great job presenting your project with a story line! The presentation of your work on Hackster is incredibly thorough and made me appreciate the amount of time and level of detail that went into designing, fabricating and building the device. The diagrams that supplement your material are also exceptionally helpful in understanding a high level working of your device. Your technology is very well explained and your prototypes are well illustrated but I'd like to hear more about the design and fabrication and the thought process behind it.
    As for the design, I love that 2Wheelz looks like a basket, reminiscent of old school bikes, and its ability to clip on. Why did you decide on the basket being as tall as the handlebar though?
    It'd also be interesting (for a future iteration) to have a small camera instead of a phone to scale down the size of 2Wheelz and prevent accidental damage to your phone.
    It's also very cool that your product is aimed at visual learners and that kids get to 'see' the physics of riding a bike and visually aim their progress to centering the bar rather than focusing on stopping the wobbling. The ability to save and share that moment of triumph is wonderful!
    I was wondering about how the device is used beyond the lifetime of riding a two wheeler. In terms of looking forward - would you like the device to be a sort of milestone recorder, perhaps recording driving your first car? Or could it be scaled down to be a GoPro for kids? Or could it be made into a game somehow - where people try to center themselves on a constantly bobbing vehicle? Or is it a metaphor for the transient but beautiful moment of riding a bike for the first time?
    You guys put an incredible amount of effort into your project and it shows - It looks and works great! Great job!

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