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Biometric Car Entry - True Keyless Car

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  • Biometric Car Entry - True Keyless Car 4 months ago

    Rain will not damage the sensor, but when rain drops stay on the sensor it misunderstand it as something placed on the sensor and starts reading. This will create continuous beeping sound until the rain drop is wiped off. So I had an on/off button to switch the sensor unit off when it rains. The work around to this would be to have some sliding protection system. Not sure still why prominent auto manufactures are yet to try this out.

  • Biometric Car Entry - True Keyless Car over 1 year ago

    Unfortunately auto hold is not having a control unit to accept CAN message like signaling systems

  • Biometric Car Entry - True Keyless Car over 1 year ago

    Can we call it keyless, as we need to have the key in our pockets. But this one is pure biometric, you don’t need the keys with you, if finger print matches, your car door opens, regardless of having the key with you or not.

    Fob based door opening is through radio waves and which is prone to hacking, cheap devices are available in market that can capture the waves and reproduce to hack into any car.

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