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Ceiling void robot

Ceiling void robot

Given the difficulty in passing wiring through ceiling voids I decided this would be a good project for a cheap robot.

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Soldering iron (generic)
just normal tools

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Always had a problem when needing to send wire through voids. You either make lots of holes in ceiling or lift carpet and floorboards above. This project to build a cheap 'mole' is I believe not been done before , but the optimum word is cheap. There are other methods which are expensive and do not justify the expense versus ceiling destruction. But for small scale projects there is nothing out there.

The mechanism needs to be small for insertion and controlled headless(esp8266 will come into its own here) and automated with a light sensor. Obviously there will be a tether but this is not intended to control it only retrieve if stuck or be the pulling wire for the cable when it has reached the outlet hole.

There is a lot of experimental work ahead and I have no pictures at present, since it is an idea but no work has been carried out. I need to purchase or obtain components, suitable case and work on mobility aswell as program it.

Videos, pictures of development will precede completion.


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