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IR servo with LCD display and buzzer ALLARM

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  • IR servo with LCD display and buzzer ALLARM 10 months ago

    Hello sirbumarius!

    Sadly, the servomotor can only have an amplitude includeed between 0 and 180... Beyond you'll get an error message and you'll have to reset with the pause key.

    If you press UP / DOWN keys, the number (that indicates the amplitude) will respectively increase or decrease of 10 degrees every time.
    However, if (for example) you write "1180" (easy number), you'll have to press 100 times (1000 / 10) the "Down Key" to make the value valid again... So, I tip you to use the reset button when the number exceed.

    Another option is that your IR Transmitter is different from ours and sends commands on different waves... Can you send us the model you use?

    Have we helped you? The problem was anotherone? Please, let us know!

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