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Looking Under The Hood Of The Arduino IDE

by rdpoor

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  • Looking Under The Hood Of The Arduino IDE about 2 years ago

    Well, the biggest problem is that your preference.txt says "build.verbose=false" -- that needs to say "build.verbose=true" before anything will happen. At the risk of merely repeating the original article:
    * Quit the Arduino IDE (very important!)
    * With your plain-text editor, open the preferences.txt file.
    * In preferences.txt, find the line that says build.verbose=false and change it to build.verbose=true
    * Save the file and re-start the Arduino IDE

    Give that a whirl and see if that makes a difference.

  • Looking Under The Hood Of The Arduino IDE about 2 years ago

    It appears that you did mention editing the preference file in your first comment:

    I changed the preference file to: build.verbose=true and saved the file.

    ... but I'd still like to see what happens when you change the board type as I suggested in my previous comment. Thanks in advance!

  • Looking Under The Hood Of The Arduino IDE about 2 years ago

    @WRustyLane: It's a little troublesome that there's no '=' in the first line ("board uno") -- that could be a sign of a messed up preferences file (or maybe just a copy and paste error). Not to make you jump through too many hoops, but could you try this for me:
    * Close the preferences.txt file
    * Open the Arduino IDE
    * Under the Tools => Board menu item, choose "Arduino Nano"
    * Quit the Arduino IDE
    * Open the preferences.txt file and copy its first four lines
    * Paste those four lines into your e-mail reply here.
    (This isn't just busy work -- it will prove whether or not the Arduino IDE is accessing this particular preferences.txt file. Later, you can go back into the IDE and reset your board type to "Uno".)

    Thanks in advance!

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