Christmas Carols on Arduino

by ronbentley1

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Multiple Switches, One Interrupt

Project tutorial by ronbentley1

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Let's Make Music

by ronbentley1

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Creating and Solving Mazes on a 128 x 64 LED Panel

Project tutorial by Doug Domke

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Pardon Me for Interrupting

Project tutorial by dhorton668

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Arduino Mega Chess

Project showcase by Sergey_Urusov

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  • Arduino 74hc595 Shift Register With 18 eflects 2 months ago

    Have a look at this library for controlling one or many 74hc595 chips (ez_SIPO8):

    It makes working with these ICs straight forward and succinct in coding and has a theoretical upper limit of 2040 outputs.

  • Button Switch Using An External Interrupt 4 months ago

    Hi Dan,

    thank you for your comments and observations. I will try and deal with both of your posts below.

    post 1: I have removed the reference to the use of millis() as I can see your confusion. The method offered does not use the timer0 ISR, so I can only apologise for any confusion here.

    post 2: there was a typo in the article - I referred to the RISING parameter with regard to a pinMode call. Of course, this should have referenced an attachinterrupt call instead.

    As far as missing a double push, then no. If a double push is made then two scenarios are relevant:

    1. the second push occurs within an existing push debounce cycle, in which case it will be considered to be spurious and handled, or
    2. the second push occurs outside of the debounce cycle, in which case it is a new push and handled.

    Thank you for your observations which I have taken on board. The forum is excellent for publishing material, but what it lacks is a peer review process. I dare say that what we are going through here can be considered as a peer review process, so all good.

    Finally, I do not know if you have looked at another of my posts - ez_switch_lib, but the user guide includes a more sophisticated use of a single ISR for many switches, I have added the link to the ez_switch_lib to the Further Reading section of the above article. See the user guide Corollary/Many Switches, One Interrupt Service Routine (ISR).

    Once again, many thanks

    Ron Bentley

  • Creating and Solving Mazes on a 128 x 64 LED Panel 4 months ago

    A very nice exposition of a technically complex subject and interesting solutions.
    The balance of your article is just right - sufficient for a casual reader to understand and deeper detail for those who wish to delve deeper.
    The writing style also lends itself to easy reading.
    A very good article, much enjoyed.

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