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Control Your Model Train Layout with a Keyboard

Project tutorial by Kushagra Keshari

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I Let Everyone on the Internet Control My X-Mas Decoration 2

Project showcase by wotanzero and Tobi_Lxtr

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  • Alexa Smart Socket about 1 year ago

    EXCELLENT job on the documentation! I've been watching for a project that enabled dimming a socket. This is on my list to replicate. Thank you!

  • Animated Smart Light with Alexa and Arduino about 1 year ago

    Excellent instructions! As you point out, none of the components are extremely challenging but there are a lot of components that need to work together.

    A couple thoughts to take this further:

    1. Sounds to me like multiple Pi's can subscribe to the same Alexa skill. How can this be done?

    2. Is there a way to create a wireless connection between the Pi and the Arduino so that multiple strips subscribed could run in multiple locations in the house without cables.

    3. Finally, light strips on steroids: Can a Pi subscribe to multiple Alexa skills and if so, can you connect a given skill to a specific Arduino controller? Here I'm thinking of maybe creating an animated Christmas display with multiple strips.

    Great work - thanks!

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