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Plant Monitoring System

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Animated Smart Light with Alexa and Arduino

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  • Plant Monitoring System 10 months ago

    This project leverages the firmata wifi sketch to send all the readings to the host machine. I know Rick Waldron has some examples of using Johnny-five with Bluetooth at this link here. I have never used the Bluetooth version of firmata though so I'm not sure. But if you were able to get a connection to the board using the port option like his example, then the webserver should still work the same.

  • Plant Monitoring System about 1 year ago

    I haven't actually tried with 2 devices, but that seems like it might work. Keep me posted on what you find :)

  • Plant Monitoring System about 1 year ago

    You should be able to use the mkr1000 by accessing it inside the callback of the board ready event.

    board.on('ready', function() {
      // set up button with johnny-five
      var button = new five.Button(2);
      // "down" the button is pressed
      button.on("down", function() {
        // here we would emit the button press of user 2 using

    and continue with the other code in app.js

    Check out some other examples of working with Johnny-five with this link here

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