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Security Access Using RFID Reader

by Aritro Mukherjee

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Candy Dispenser

Project tutorial by Hada Amira

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Arduino Ethernet Rfid card reader

Project tutorial by David Smerkous

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  • Security Access Using RFID Reader over 2 years ago

    I am glad to know you that your project is usefull for me . Actually,i want to make a sanitary napkin vending machine for women & which is operated by Rfid technology.But,what about the recharging system of Rfid card/tag?.

            Actually inside a automatic vending machine ,a spiral spring is attached horizontally with a stepper motor.Each napkin is placed on spring . One 360 degree rotation of motor ,napkin will came out from machine.
            My projects is that whenever Rfid tag/card is near about Rfid reader ,LCD will display my total amout in my card (Rfid card/tag). After pressing a switch ,one napkin will came out from vending machine ( if balance is present .Otherwise LCD will displayed  that no balance &  motor will be not operated) with buzzer sound .  some balance is deducted for each napkin  from my Rfid tag/card .Moreover ,one problem i have faced that after ending my card balance ,how can i recharge my Rfid card/tag for further use?
             For this project i have following objects,

    1) Rfid Reade(MFRC-522)
    2) Rfid tag/card (13.56mhz)
    3) Stepper motor (28BYj-48) with stepper motor driver board(ULN2003)
    4) small buzzer
    5) switch
    6) LCD 16X2.

             I have got my Rfid card UID number.

    Please guid me how can i solve this problem.

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