i. MX RT1010 EVK for STEAM

by Sanyaade Adekoya

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The Hackster.io Kids [Week-1] Report

by Sanyaade Adekoya

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Jenny 5 Robot

Project in progress by Mihai Oltean

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Arduino - Serial High-Color Display

Project tutorial by phpoc_man

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How to Make a Big 3D Printer at Home Using Arduino

Project tutorial by Desi Engineer

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  • The Hackster.io Kids [Week-1] Report about 4 years ago


    Hello Oyeka, Sorry just reading your message as I have not return here for few days due to tight programme.

    Anyway regarding your request, I am setting up a server and I will send you the link to my website where you can download resources that I am using.

    On the hardware side of things, you can register for hackster.io community live project to run workshop and community events on this page:- https://www.hackster.io/live?ref=topnav you will find one there from Nigeria which I believe you can join and run as team.

    Still on the hardware side, you can also improvise and tap on local resources and small donations to buy DIY arduino kits. Some organisation like:
    1.) https://www.raspberrypi.org/blog/more-on-raspberry-pi-in-africa/ [ You can apply for Raspberry Pi here]

    2.) http://microbit.org/ and https://medium.com/@dofbi/micro-bit-4-africa-2c06a443f37 [ I think once again you can apply for kits to be donated here.]

    3.) You can also motivate the students to stage a rags and riches day to do a rally to collect money from the public. This had worked very well for back in Nigeria.

    4.) You can buy kits very cheap from China from eBay :- http://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=p2380057.m570.l1313.TR0.TRC0.H0.XNano+V3.0+Mini+USB+ATmega328P+CH340G%2FFT232+5V+16M+Micro-controller+Board+Arduin.TRS0&_nkw=Nano+V3.0+Mini+USB+ATmega328P+CH340G%2FFT232+5V+16M+Micro-controller+Board+Arduino&_sacat=0

    If you have Electronics building skills then there are plenty options for you here exploiting local resources and carrying out a "Do It Yourself" workshop with the kids. Most parts can be made using thick cardboard, soft-board or a cheap 3D printer.

    As I have said I am setting a website for hosting resources as I get request from UK and abroad more often nowadays. I run my own websites from my house but getting a Dockerised LibreOffice up and running has been a challenging tasks but I am getting there.

    Let me know your thought.

    Hear from you soon!

    God blesses!!!

    Best regards,

  • Community Skill Show (Have a Go Hero) Workshop about 4 years ago

    Good points:
    Everyone is involved and well supported
    Good atmosphere
    Challenges were tackled
    Positive feedback for participants
    More workshop and possible weekend sessions

    Needs more mentors and volunteers
    Spreading over the time schedule
    More tables and soldering gears
    More passive components
    It should "Themed based"

  • Community Skill Show (Have a Go Hero) Workshop about 4 years ago

    A good experience for the community in general. Ability to cater for all age level of visitors, hackers from novice to expert at large. We had fun creating, prototyping. soldering and building various gadgets for the day. Arduino 101 Drum Pad programmed in Processing IDE, Using Arduino 101 as keyboard and mouse HID device proven a bit of challenge but a group of hackers proved that it can be done when they did it.

    This is Part 1 of many series to follow. We are already for the next stage during the Easter when we will be hosting Hackster.io Kids for two weeks robot building based around Intel Arduino 101 and MicroElectronical kits. Event information will be posted here so watch out for more information.

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