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  • 2Wheelz over 5 years ago

    I am beyond impressed with how thoroughly and thoughtfully you've documented the 2Wheelz project here. The story you present and the motivation with which you open this post are compelling and moving. The video strikes just the right balance between touching and silly to really drive home the emotional impact of the product.

    I found the system diagram extremely helpful for providing a high-level overview of the movement of information between the various components. It was great that you took the time to create such a clean representation of the system as a whole. Similarly, the breakout of the parts was a valuable way of visualizing how the physical components came together. I appreciated the attention to detail that you showed in producing these informative visual aids.

    I'd have been curious to hear more about your functional studies, which you mention briefly in the Observation section. I think it would have been valuable to hear more about what you observed that led to the design of the visual balance feedback mechanism.

    Overall, I thought the visual balance feedback was gorgeously executed, and it seems like a good idea. Obviously this is outside of the scope of this project, but I'd be curious to see whether real users find that visual feedback useful, whether they manage to maintain focus on it. I wondered whether you took inspiration from any existing technologies for augmenting people's balance, perhaps from techniques developed for those with balance disorders. If so, I'd have loved to hear about other points in this design space, and the trade offs you made in picking your ultimate design.

    I loved seeing the various iterations in form factors and implementation details that you included, but personally I'd have loved to hear more about the various design decisions you made about the product's functionality and purpose. I thought you faced some very interesting choices about what types of feedback and recording to include and how, and I'd have liked to see more about how you made those choices.

    Ultimately, I thought the 2Wheelz concept was very touching, and that you implemented it beautifully. I found your presentation very heartwarming, as I'm sure you intended! I'm very impressed.

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