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Mars Rover controlled by Arduino-Design-3DPrint-Built_Part1 © GPL3+

This is the FIRST PART of my build of the Rover in the movie The Last Days On Mars.

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Components and supplies

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3D printer (I used an Ultimaker original)
any 3D printer can be used
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Autodesk Fusion 360

About this project


In 2017, I designed, 3D printed, and built a rover. This project spanned 2 years !

I created a series of French videos and decided to translate all the videos to English so I can share my creation with more people. Doing so, I really hope that I can inspire more people because, the goal of this specific story is to demonstrate process that I go through when designing something along with the problem that I can encounter.

Note: the interface with a PWM RC Receiver through an Arduino MEGA will be explained at the end of this prooject

I decided that I wanted to share with you my experience, building a rover from scratch, based on the movie : The last days on Mars.

I really love this rover, and, I will show the path I took to design, 3D print, glu parts, sand, paint and finish all the parts.

The series of video is not intended to be extremely detailed but, just enough so you can appreciate the work that I will have to put in this project but also, maybe, inspire you for similar projects.


I already prepared my first video where I explained how does the project started.

For that first video, I mostly talk about the wheels and a little bit of suspension.

The wheel

The first part of that built was the wheels. I created the wheel hub based on the canvas. As you can see in the next images, the canvas was quite low in quality so I had to compose with it.

This was the canvas that I used to design this part

here, we can see canvas with the wheel through the image.

Then, I designed the rubber part and the thread. This part was not easy because I had to create a thread around a circular object. I decided to use the top view to get the design right. I used the canvas to guide me as we can see here.

I designed a small part of the thread and repeated it around a cylinder that I used as base for the rubber part. This was the cylinder that was used

And finally, here is the view of the wheel with all the details

This is about it for that part. I am working on a second part where I will show you the video of the printed wheel.


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