Christmas Countdown Display

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SC2 Rage Quit Button

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CPAP Humidifier H2O Reservoir Monitor - Sleep Apnea

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  • myWiFi Information Station over 3 years ago

    Thanks! I used the arduino just so it would be easy to interface with the LCD. That and the fact that i haven't actually tried a standalone esp project before. So mostly laziness! Haha. Good luck to you!

  • Remote Controlled Scoreboard/Soundboard over 4 years ago

    Hey thanks! I added in a bit of a write up to this, see towards the end of the details. To sum it up I just used one of those cheap-o IR remotes, found the remote transmitter was garbage, and tried out a regular TV remote instead. I think most remotes use the same frequency, and the IR receiver from that cheap set was able to read the regular remotes.

    If you're using a regular remote and still getting poor results, you likely need to find a receiver that is meant for the frequency of the remote. I think most remotes are 38kHz. Let me know if you have any other questions.

  • Interactive Mario Mushroom Block over 4 years ago

    No big attempts at it yet, I'm saving that for the finishing touches just in case it gets banged up a bit more during the design process.

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