5 Minute Christmas Neopixel Led Strip

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Sun and Moon Times

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Arduino Controlled Artificial Candle Lights

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  • Soldering Iron Controller for Hakko 907 v.2 2 months ago

    There is power limit (line #946) in the sketch to prevent short cirquit activation of the power supply. You can increase this limit up to 255.
    Unfortunatelly, the hakko 907 iron handle has big resistance and it cannot heat quuckly. I would like to reccommend you hakko t12 soldering tips and fx9501 soldering handle. I have made another soldering controller for theese brilliant tips or you can buy the stm32 based controller from taobao.

  • Soldering Iron Controller for Hakko 907 v.2 3 months ago

    Sorry. Please, try to remove 220 k Ohm resister near 500k potentiometer. Or replace it with 1 k Ohm. As far I have understood, the operation amplifier increase the input voltage too high, you need to decrease the resistance between 2 and 1 pin of the amplifier.
    Could you check the voltage supplied by soldering iron when it is hot? My soldering tip generates about 10mV.

  • Soldering Iron Controller for Hakko 907 v.2 3 months ago

    It seems, the pid algorithm failed to make the supplied power still (there are some fluctuation of the power, Luke ;)). Actually, when the controller determines the 'iron not used' state, it started the count-down procedure. When the remaining time to power-off is less than 99 seconds, the controller beeps to warn you. If the iron is still in 'not used mode' after count doun reaches 0, the controller switches off the power. OR if the controller detects the power increment he beleves that you use the iron and the count-down procedure started over. When the controller believes that the iron is in use, it prints 'on' message.
    You can configure more short timeout, for example 10 minutes, or even 5. Or you can play with pid coefficients to tailor the pid algirithm to your own setup: power supply and the iron.
    As i have stated in the discriotion, the method for the automatic shutdown is not very reliable, because it is indirect.

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