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Self Sufficient Automated Greenhouse

Project in progress by Shashank Prasanna

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Mobile Water Level Tracker

Project tutorial by Kutluhan Aktar

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Automated Fertilizer Spreader

Project tutorial by Courtney Achen

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  • Self Sufficient Automated Greenhouse 12 days ago

    Hey guys! Soon, I'm going to change the project to work with the inbuilt BLE in the NINA-W102 on both of the boards! You won't be able to monitor the values from Blynk, but you can see the broadcasted values in the app LightBlue for iOS and Android. In addition to saving energy, I noticed that the boards were crashing and not sending values after a while. This is a fix to that problem, and runs on the same hardware. It'll also be (hopefully) a bit faster!

  • Self Sufficient Automated Greenhouse 20 days ago

    Thank you for spotting the missing items! As for the code, motorPin is 10.

  • Self Sufficient Automated Greenhouse 25 days ago

    No, but there don’t get a pi-fan, as they are very weak. I’m sure that if you searched Amazon, Adafruit or Sparkfun you would surely find a good fan.

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