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  • NoPro about 5 years ago

    Andrew how about this idea: the manager's ability to summon everyone at once for an impromptu meeting, by invoking the command to vibrate all their chairs. To the conference room!

  • deCart about 5 years ago

    It took me a while during the demo video to understand that red meant social outcast / selfish. But yeah, I totally agree this is a good idea. Having volunteered at food pantries before, the #1 thing that comes up is people donating stupid stuff that isn't needed or is unhealthy; getting that feedback right upfront would be cool. Also imagined some localization where the suggestions mechanism would be linked over the network to local pantries who would be publishing a "foods in demand this week" list. Nice job

  • Sole Searching about 5 years ago

    Hi - nice idea. I'll start giving my bluetooth devices funnier names now. I know you defended this during the critique; still I find it weird that an LCD is down on a shoe. Seems so out of place to me. Then again maybe its me and I should be looking at shoes more often. I can imagine sound playing a stronger role here, maybe with an effect of fading in, and out of radio stations as people pass, eventually there blue beacon fading to a whisper, and then nothing at all - you found a calm space between the waves.

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