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  • Magoo about 6 years ago

    Magoo represent equality within technology. The current paradigm for visually impaired is antiquated to put it mildly. We have such incredible advancements with the potential to give greater freedom and autonomy to those who could benefit the most. The ability to use haptic feedback is essential in design form and function. The ability to use an ultrasonic sensor to detect the nearest object using haptic feedback is crucial for any meaningful navigation.
    Some questions come to mind. How does Magoo distinguish multiple objects and what is the proxy for the distance before impact. Does one vibration equate to a foot, two vibrations to two feet? How is this used in terms of mapping out a trajectory? Does the scope of the vibration connote size differential? And if I am using my hand, how accurate is the radius in distinguishing objects? If my hand and chest is pointed to the right, will it sense if I am about to hit something with my left shoulder or head? What are the blind spots for this program? In addition, using voice software recognition, will the device be able to repeat said directions? Giving the user conformation of the correct address. In addition, can those directions be sent to a third party, friend or family to verify the correct destination is entered? This is a wonderful product. I very much look forward to seeing future iterations. Keep going team!!!

  • Dora about 6 years ago

    This project is wonderful because it inspires the ability of paying it forward. It provides a platform, which enables others to connect. It is a way of presenting a gift of kindness to another that builds off the intrinsic value of giving; Dora exemplifies this on a conceptual basis. For future iterations, as commented, the device itself is rather heavy which constricts the users and ability for further transportation. In addition, it might be very wonderful to have the ability to open the present itself in order to garner the gift. Part of the process is the experience and many usually associate a present with opening the top of the box. In addition to having an external camera crew present it might be very interesting to have a camera recording in the box itself, capturing the face of each person receiving a gift. When the box is opened the recording device could be triggered. All in all, Dora is an incredibly insightful and fun project. Particularly liked the inspiration for the name.

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