Loadmaster - Online Dashboard and Data Logging on Ubidots

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Remote Serial Terminal Connectivity From Anywhere DT-06 WiFi

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  • LoadMaster XP - A Smart PV MPPT Solar Hot Water Controller 2 months ago

    Hi Coopercompany,

    If you look at the 'Basic Architecture' diagram above you should see that the negative side of the storage cap 'C-' is taken as the ground reference for the entire circuit, the Arduino measures the PV volts relative to that rail and also the PV current is measured in the PV negative lead with respect to that ground ref. I hope your build goes well, just be really careful on the layout - switching high currents and volts in a product like this needs a lot of care in the layout, keep the power side and digital sides clearly separated with just one small joining point (the net star point in cct diag). My final 100% reliable PCB when I published this project was at PCB revision V4.0 which tells a learning curve story! All the best and let us know how it all goes. You will be really happy to get free hotwater!. Steve

  • A Remote Wireless Connected Colour Nextion Display 3 months ago

    Those displays look interesting, a bit more expensive and perhaps not so widespread use at the moment.

  • LoadMaster XP - A Smart PV MPPT Solar Hot Water Controller 4 months ago

    Hi Peter & thanks for your feedback,- it's great to hear that it is all going well.

    My LM system has been running in excess of 3.5 years now with not a single issue or part failure. It's saved a fortune in LPG and given today's insane energy prices and global instabilities it will continue to deliver even more savings & benefits. Thanks again, Steve

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