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Project tutorial by SKRT

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Project tutorial by Team Those Peddling Kids

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  • 2Wheelz about 6 years ago

    I really enjoyed this project idea! The camera feature reminds me of a GoPro but it's quite clever how you guys thought about the emotional value a parent or loved one would have of seeing the child ride a bike successfully for the first time because often times you can only capture images from behind, as you said, and I don't think many people have ever given thought to this. The housing for all your electronics is done very well and I also really love the logo. Making it colorful grabs our attention and also seems very fitting for children.

    Your detection of balance with the LED lights as visual feedback is brilliant, and I think it's a great feature that would help a child learn to ride the bike, regardless of whether pictures were taken or not. I wonder if visual effects like that could be useful for other purposes as well, such as balancing an object appropriately or gymnasts walking beams with their body weight balanced.

    Overall, I loved the product and I think children would have a lot of fun with it, and almost be even more inspired to be successful at riding a two-wheeler with proper balance just so that they could see the picture features at work! Future iterations might want to use a camera instead of a phone, so that you would not need to risk losing the phone or it cracking if the bike falls hard, and there would not be any need for opening and closing the casing. However, it does make the product cheaper and more accessible if customers can just use what they already have for this, so I can also understand your design choice.

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