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AmazonKitchen DRS © GPL3+

This project utilizes a combination of RFID, Load Cell Sensors, and connectivity through Arduino and Echo for an Amazon Based Smart Fridge

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Components and supplies

A000066 iso both
Arduino UNO & Genuino UNO
Any Arduino will work as long as it has 10 digital pins, power,
Everything ESP ESP8266 ESP-01
For use if you are using an Arduino (assuming it does not have networking built in)
13096 05
Intel Galileo Gen 2
In this project, I am using a Gen 1. There is not difference
Intel Centrino
Any PCIe half card will work. This one can be found online easily and is the most optimized for Galileo
Any HX711 Will work. I picked this one up because the ratings seemed fine and the price was good.
RFID MiFare for Arduino
Any RFID chip reader will do
Load Cell
As with others, any will work, as long as you know how to wire/program with it
Amazon Alexa Amazon Echo
Can be substituted for Echo dot, as well

Necessary tools and machines

09507 01
Soldering iron (generic)
Laser cutter (generic)
I used this to make my base, however, a base can be made through any form or materials. 3d printer will work just fine, although I don't get along with them that well!

Apps and online services

About this project

The Project

This project is a combination of the many smart fridges and pantry's of the past. The idea is to combine all of them while also introducing Amazon's DRS system through Alexa and the Echo products as a bonus feature.

The process will be simple:

as you put the item you purchased via Amazon Prime Pantry in your fridge, it will be scanned by an RFID tag scanner. This will detect an assigned UID, which will then correspond to a given ASIN. The ASIN will give details VIA web connection, such as weight, size, product name, etc.

Once scanned, the item will then be put onto a shelf with a built in scale. It will keep in mind the item that is going on, then detect the weight change, and track a percent and amount of that given item left.

These details will then go to an Amazon-hosted webpage where your Alexa can respond to simple questions, such as asking how much of an item is left, or asking Alexa to order something for you. She can also track expiration dates and give warnings.

The system will not be solely based around Alexa, though. It can have a small LCD screen that will display the information, and will allow programming to reorder if a certain item drops below a pre-determined amount.

Additionally, when you order a Pantry Box, it will include an RFID tag that you can scan to your pantry. This will assume that all of the items are full and ready to stock, and in turn saves time.

What will make this system better than others?

While there have been smart pantry systems in the past, many of them required too much user input, and many do not have the interconnections between the sensors that will be in this product. RFID smart pantrys only track what has been put in the fridge, not what is left; Scale based pantry's only track weight and require the user interface with it and record what was put in.

As stated above, not only will this project fix those, but it will also interweave it into a service, this case is Amazon.

More To Come!


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