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Smart jar

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This smart jar is designed for controlling the consumption of alcohol and to ensure safety while driving vehicles after consuming alcohol.

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In the advent of machinery, the people discovered the necessity to compete with the machines. As everything is automated, people try to equalize the work of machines, in order survive in their work culture. So, the people forced themselves to fit on the same page and get stressed. The most common way the people get rid of stress is by consuming alcohol. Since there are no control measures for limited consumption, people get addicted to it and there are no means to control the intake of alcohol. This issue can be addressed by a smart jar which limits the consumption of alcohol by closing the lid of the jar when the threshold limit is reached and also sends an SMS to three of their closed ones. It works by sensing the breath of a person each time they drink. The smart jar also has a level-indicator which lets the people know how drunk they are. In certain places, people used to over drink but the smart jar will not allow you to do so. These smart jars can be used in rehabilitation centers where people would like to limit their drinking habits. Another important feature of the smart jar is that it can be interfaced with a mobile application. The smart jar has two mode, normal mode and drunk mode which can be controlled using the mobile app. In order to control the jar, the drunk person has to answer some random questions which are difficult to answer by them. When the threshold limit is reached in the smart jar, a signal will be sent to the car through the internet which doesn’t allow the car to start for a particular period of time. So many accidents could be avoided.


The main objectives of this project are as follows:

• To give people a control over consumption of alcohol and to avoid over consumption of alcohol.

• To avoid accidents due to drunk and drive.

• To assist the drunk people to avoid unnecessary problems.


Smart jar
The code can be uploaded to the arduino through the cable. Then the user does not need to do anything.

Custom parts and enclosures

Smart jar
This file contains the complete document.


Smart jar
This file contains the circuit diagram of the project.


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