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Atmospheric Air Analyser

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  • Atmospheric Air Analyser over 1 year ago

    Hi, I apologize for not adding that code here! I actually used a separate code to find Ro, and thus you can see that Ro is defined as a constant here. The code isn't fool-proof, and I apologize for that. It was something I wrote over 2.5 years ago. Either way, through this article I just wanted to ensure that the idea is in the open and the technology (code, hardware) can be used as a reference to build up on. Hope I did well on that front! But, thanks for asking.

  • Atmospheric Air Analyser over 1 year ago

    Not true. You kind of missed the whole point there! The code isn't commented well and making this cryptic, mea culpa! I will try to improve on that end. But head over to Davide Gironi's article that I have mentioned in my post and give it a read. You'll understand the rest.

  • Atmospheric Air Analyser about 2 years ago

    Hi there! The project costed me around me around ₹3000. A major cost was spent on acquiring the sensors (almost ₹1500) and the PCB (₹900 for 3 pieces).

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