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CPU and RAM Usage Monitor (Windows & Linux)

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  • CPU and RAM Usage Monitor (Windows & Linux) 18 days ago

    Done, Sorry for inconvenience.

  • CPU and RAM Usage Monitor (Windows & Linux) 3 months ago

    Hi, first of all, install the 'LiquidCrystal_I2C' library from the library manager, if you already have it installed, make sure you've latest version of that library. If it's still not working, copy and paste the code exactly it's on your computer, along with the error code so that i can look into it.

  • CPU and RAM Usage Monitor (Windows & Linux) 4 months ago

    Things that could possibly be causing trouble:

    1. You have not changed the address of the LCD from the above code.
    2. Dimensions of your LCD is different from what is required(16x2).
    3. You have entered wrong serial address.
    4. you are using LCD_I2C library on your non I2C display or vice versa.
    5. LCD isn't properly connected.
    6. Arduino isn't properly connected.
    7. Your system doesn't have driver installed (CH340[For Chinese Arduino]).
    8. You are unlucky.
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