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Car GPS tracker with map integration

Project tutorial by tormods

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Track ME

Project tutorial by Hugo Gomes

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  • Car GPS tracker with map integration 7 months ago

    Hey, glad it worked :)

  • Car GPS tracker with map integration 9 months ago

    And thanks for your interest in the project :)

    It seems that I messed up the link and included the "dot" at the and as part of the address, lol. Try this link instead, the library seems to be online and well at GitHub:

    You can also try finding it directly in the Arduino IDE (library manager). It should be there.

  • Car GPS tracker with map integration over 1 year ago

    Hi Js, and thanks for your interest in my project. While it's possible (in theory) to make it work for an Uno board, it's not advisable. The reason for this is that Uno only have one hardware serial line, whereas this project requires two. In theory, you could use the "USB" line (and disconnect the GPS while downloading), but then you will loose all debugging, testing and monitoring capabilities. I don't think I've ever made a project work on first try without any adjustments and testing, so it would make things a lot harder. And you would then need to adjust the code without any means to monitor and test it properly. So I'd say you are better off getting the right board to make this work :)

    Having said that, you don't need the Leonardo board though. The code could be adjusted to work with other boards as long as there are two hardware serial lines, like the Mega or others.

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