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Automatizing Percussion with Solenoids: "The Sound Compass"

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Fingerscan: Music at Your Fingertips

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Measuring Seismic Activity Using ProtoCentral OpenPressure

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  • Automatizing Percussion with Solenoids: "The Sound Compass" 2 months ago

    Thank you!

  • Fingerscan: Music at Your Fingertips 3 months ago

    If you mean "listening" with your aural organs, it doesn't work. The idea here is to produce a vibration pattern that can be felt through your tactile perception. On that level, you could translate sound from a drum set into a configuration of tactile impulses (bass drum on your thumb, snare drum on your middle finger, maracas on your pinky...). This lets you experience the rhythm, while the timbre is defined by where the vibration happens. So a deaf person can experience the drum pattern as well, but in an alternative way.

  • Fingerscan: Music at Your Fingertips 3 months ago

    Ciao Sanjay,
    There is no documentation video - if this is what you are referring to - because vibrations are not visible in this device. In some other case i produced video animations to show how the vibration patterns would behave (see for example 'Audiotactile Chair' and 'Wooden Waves' on ). But in this case the vibration patterns were quite simple, quite much like a test, so for now it's not that necessary. Hope to elaborate more this project in the future though!

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