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Paddy's Cakes

Project in progress by Tyeth

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Training Wild Birds to Trade Litter for Food

Project in progress by Hans Forsberg

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Hands-Free Soap, Water and Paper Towel Dispenser

Project showcase by Samuel Adranyi

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Project showcase by ekaggrat

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  • Rotary Quadrature Encoder: Let's Make A Digital Safe... over 4 years ago

    As far as I can remember there are a lot of limitations with the pins on the ESP32, but you can remap almost all of them, adding to the complexity. Try using the same setup as me first, then try moving pins.

  • Simple and Cheap Phone Controlled Fireworks Igniter over 5 years ago

    This is brilliant, thanks for sharing.
    Just one thing that confuses me, how can we know if the lipo can comfortably supply 6A of current?

  • Head Tracking for Wireless 3D First Person Vision almost 6 years ago

    This is brilliant, very inspirational...

    Would love to know what are your camera video sending/capture details...

    My brother warned me he had a setup at work that was slightly off and caused motion sickness after 30minutes max, and couldn't be reduced without removal of the device.
    On the motion sickness element, it might be worth trying more cameras on the periphery (like half a 360 camera rig) and then combining in a virtual 3D space (unity) and using virtual cameras for the occulus source (referred to later as 3d view), the idea being you'll move the camera perspective in the 3d space immediately on head tilt, then start moving the camera servos, and simulatenously while updating the raw footage in the 3d space adjust 3d view to compensate back to "looking forwards" in the 3d space, ending up with the virtual cameras facing the forwards direction shortly after movement ends, but visually at the moment head tilting stops, the raw footage movement would need to be synced so not easy....
    But ideally done it would totally remove the delay with a fast enough computer, and there are existing samples to achieve the individual steps :)

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