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  • Mega Solar Tracker 4 months ago

    yes, now both sketches can be compiled... thx

  • Mega Solar Tracker 4 months ago

    I test ds3231 library from yout first traker but I have error at compilation exactly as this library.. please check is used library in this sketch is same with library from first article.... Test was made by me and another friend and same error...
    for example, is eror in line
    setTime((int)td.hour,(int)td.min,(int)td.sec,(int)td.mday,(int)td.mon,(int)td.year ) ; // set the internal RTC from Dallas RTC

  • Mega Solar Tracker 4 months ago

    Hi, please send a link for RTC - ds3231 library...

  • MKR1000 to almost 3 years ago

    ok, but must change sketch for work (send data to Thingspeak channel) without open serial monitor. for independent device ;)
    PS1: I update DHT library from and now is ok
    PS2: quick changes in sketch for made without serial monitor:

    /* Serial.begin(9600);
    while (!Serial)
    ; // wait for serial port to connect. Needed for native USB port only


    PS3: I put a changed sketch for use average values (for DHT11 is more ok, instead integer value, e.g. 34.00 now is 34.23):

    Best regards,
    Nicu Florica (niq_ro)

  • MKR1000 to almost 3 years ago

    interesting .. I try but must make some changes: instead //DHT dht(DHTPIN,DHTTYPE); must put DHT dht(DHTPIN,DHTTYPE,15); because MRK1000 is faster than classical Arduino board and in SETUP put dht.begin();
    and eliminate // Compute heat index in Celsius (isFahreheit = false)
    // int hic = dht.computeHeatIndex(t, h, false); because my library not calculate this value.. for tests I made a channel: and I put a photo with montage:

  • Wi-Fi RC Car - Qi Enabled about 3 years ago

    I upload sketch in MRK1000 and I send commands thru browser... first, I use "IP scanner" software to find online IPs.. in my case local IP for MRK1000 is ;)

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