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Keyboard V2.0

Project in progress by Gabriele Scordamaglia

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Development Board for ATtiny MCU

by Vincenzo G.

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Internet Connected Infrared Replicator

Project tutorial by Gustavo

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  • Internet Connected Infrared Replicator over 3 years ago

    i appreciate you getting back to me , thank you
    i am plnning to intrigate a netbook as a total home automation [controls every thing ,windows doors battery systems etc using arduinos as nodes and the netbook is the master overseer snd display , your project alows me to use it to control ALL ir devices from one scource [yousing wifi] to all the controling units [portable]
    i envisage about ten nodes-controlers-sensor interpriters doing things link controling the ac,multi media center,external weather monitering, and whether windows - doors are open and need to be closed, and especialy switching on-off the tv, changing chanels to avoid programs i hate-avoid
    tours sincerly iain broadbent

  • Internet Connected Infrared Replicator over 3 years ago

    i find your aproach and application very usefull and a start towards what i need ,
    which is a smart ir remote ,eg my ac remote can do a lot of things but lacks the abillity to do a sequance of things spaced apart [turn on ,cool 30 min ,then dehumidifiy, then circulte on low fan , then shut down at a specified time,, your project goes a long way to making a truly smart universal across devices remote [i use a computer programed remote as a master remote but it is limited to only 6 devices and only 4 macros per device] thank you for a wonderfull insight

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