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  • Automated Windows Shades 10 days ago

    I really enjoy your coding method and your tutorials. I stumbled across a project that I had already commented on before, and realized that I can benefit from studying them again.
    Thank you for sharing...and keep up the great work!
    Bob D.

  • Smart Home Safety Monitor System using Arduino & Ubidots about 1 month ago

    Very nice system. You have many interesting project creations. Thank you for sharing your talents with us.
    Bob D

  • Senso about 1 month ago

    Very nice Proof of concept. Keep up the great work!
    Bob D

  • Make a Christmas Song Player with a Buzzer and LCD Display about 1 month ago

    Very nice work! I also like your coding style.
    Bob D

  • DIY ATtiny85 Digispark-Inspired Traffic Light about 1 month ago

    Nice work Tal.
    Bob D

  • Clockie Talkie about 1 month ago

    Very nice! I may come back to this some day!
    Bob D

  • Notable Board Books about 2 months ago

    Hi Mike,
    Very nice project. I want to check this out more when I get a chance.
    Thank you for sharing,
    Bob D.

  • Tiller Pilot for Yacht 7 months ago

    Hi, your coding looks very neat and commented well. Nicely done!

  • Garden Clock Project 8 months ago

    This is an amazing accomplishment. You both deserve much credit and respect for a beautiful masterpiece! I would love to see the control code as this is so unique and functional.
    I am VERY Impressed with the engineer, and the end result.
    Thank you for sharing your creation.

  • Kids' Wooden Radio 9 months ago

    Very nice project; I really like the case too!

  • DAB+ with Arduino UNO and Large Screen 9 months ago

    Hi Staf,
    I will look for my notes to see if I have enough to create a post. The tuner has worked very well for over a year. It saves a lot of steps in our back-split home having the ability to control the whole home audio system. My wife likes easy to use controls, and this has just enough displayed information and control feedback to make the selection that she wants.
    It is a definite keeper!

  • DAB+ with Arduino UNO and Large Screen 9 months ago

    Very nice project; I made a wall plate with a Si4703 FM tuner, that interfaced to remotely control our main home audio system. I used a 2x16 display, and the bottom line was used to indicate the next button selection for each of the 3 buttons.
    No RDS, and I pre programmed all the FM stations that we like, so it works very well for us.
    The image of the display is in my logo here at Hackster.

  • DIY Art Deco Analog Thermometer 9 months ago

    I really like the 3D cabinet, and the thermometer looks great with the back light. I am impressed with how quickly you designed the cabinet as well.

  • Pixel Art on OLED Display 10 months ago

    Very nice tutorial; I have a few of these displays and your method looks nicer to work with.
    Thank you for sharing.

  • Ever Blooming Mechanical Tulip 10 months ago

    Amazing creation. Excellent workmanship!

  • Measure Heart Rate and SpO2 with MAX30102 10 months ago

    It can be frustrating, but using the built in examples in the Arduino will also build your confidence. It is not easy, but it is possible if you are willing to follow along.
    Watch youtube videos as well, so you can see how to communicate with the Arduino and make sure you are on the right USB port.
    Don't give up! Arduino and Circuit Playground Express and very nice tools to learn programming! I still struggle with Raspberry Pi, but I am not giving up either.
    This project has helped me to get a basic understanding to drive the SSD1306 which is totally new to me. I am exited to try to create a few bitmaps now.

  • Measure Heart Rate and SpO2 with MAX30102 10 months ago

    Great timing for this project! I just received 2 of the SSD1016 displays, and set up the test sketch last night. Now with the LCD Assistant, it is time to get creative. Thank you so much for sharing this great creation.

  • DIY Rain Prediction Using Arduino, Python and Keras 11 months ago

    Wow, what a great project! The explanation is very well written. Thank you for sharing; it was a great read through that demonstrates the power of python.

  • Simple Remote Display with Mobile App 11 months ago

    This looks very interesting, and very well written.

  • Arduinoflake! about 1 year ago

    Very nice work, you are very talented. Thank you for sharing your creation.

  • Wireless LED Lamp with IR Remote Control about 1 year ago

    Hi Peter,
    Very nice project, I like your code structure it is quite easy to follow along with. Projects like this help me along with learning better coding.
    Is it possible to cut the trace to the red LED or desolder it? I would think you could also put a piece of electrical tape over it. Maybe even use a black sharpie or a small blob of sticky tac adhesive putty.
    Keep up the great, creative work!

  • How to Make a Customizable Punchable Keyboard Button about 1 year ago

    Hi Amal,
    Thank you for clearing this up; please keep on sharing your unique creations!

  • How to Make a Customizable Punchable Keyboard Button about 1 year ago

    Hi Amal,
    I am unclear how the USB connects from the circuit to the computer USB?
    Is it the USB on the Arduino Mirco to the USB on the computer you want to emulate the key press with?
    I see on the Fritzing diagram that there is a dashed line between ground and D4?
    This looks like a fun project, thanks for sharing.

  • Multi-Source Controlled USB Lamp about 1 year ago

    Very nice video. You covered a lot of material in a short period of time. Keep building and posting, you have a lot of talent.

  • Arduino Jukebox for My Rock Band about 1 year ago

    This is a great project and an awesome backstory. I saved the link to look into this as a winter project. I like the original enclosure too!

  • PID Control of a 110V Shower Using Arduino about 1 year ago

    There is no way that any electrical cabling should be in proximity to water like this.
    Having 110 vac over a shower head that could come into contact with a person would be deadly.
    Please remove this from the site as it is not safe.
    Thank you.

  • Musical Color almost 2 years ago

    Very nice project and very well written. I am looking to do a lighting project using WS2812B ,but was not sure what to make. This looks amazing! Thank you very much for sharing with so much detail.

  • Arduino Controlled Artificial Candle Lights almost 3 years ago

    I like this approach. I will read into this further when time permits.
    Thank you for sharing; love the atrium...very nice!
    Bob D

  • Water Leakage Detector and Valve Control almost 3 years ago

    I just read through the code line by line.
    I find your coding very logical and nice to follow along.
    I have not done anything with MQTT, but it looks very interesting.
    I would to replicate your automation projects, but I need to learn more about coding as I can't get all the libraries for a successful compile.

    Thank you for sharing your ceativity,
    Bob D

  • Keep the WiFi On almost 3 years ago

    This looks like a great project. Thank you for sharing.
    Bob D

  • Sun and Moon Times about 3 years ago

    Great idea, I was not aware of this library. Thanks for sharing.

  • Insteon Gateway about 3 years ago

    Hello, I can't locate Network.h file, so the sketch won't compile.
    I think I have the rest of the libraries downloaded, so any help is appreciated.

  • Insteon Gateway about 3 years ago

    Hello Philippe,
    I want to construct this project; and for the same reasons that you stated. I have a nice variety of Insteon devices, and I also have a serial PLM.
    I have genuine Arduino Uno ( not R3) and a genuine Arduino Ethernet shield ( not R3).
    -Can you see any issue with these working with your project?
    I have went as far as to set up the PLM and test it with 2 insteon devices and it worked well.
    -This was using the GoodRobot Insteon PLM shield.
    Some of the libraries that you have listed I do not have, so I will have to download them.
    -what version of the Arduino IDE are you using for the project?
    Many thanks in advance for sharing this useful and amazing project!
    Bob D

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