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Flightduino 101

Project tutorial by Tom Minnich

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Safe City: A Device to Keep You Safe

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Punch Activated Arm Flamethrowers (Real Firebending)

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Arduino 101 - Intel Curie Pattern Matching Dress

Project tutorial by Kitty Yeung

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  • Flightduino 101 over 1 year ago

    The arduino 101 platform has a 128 Curie Neuron chunk of hardware integrated. Of course really cool work can be done with much higher count Neuron arrays from General Vision.
    The free or low cost version of the Library for using the Curie Neurons on arduino 101 is a great introduction to the hardware.
    Unfortunately one of my links no longer works but redirects to the General Vision home page.
    I think you will like the General Vision approach, since it probably turns out a result faster than software approaches can. The Arduino 101 is available
    I think it possible to simulate a larger Neuron array with the Arduino 101 ( at some cost of speed ).
    My project is a light introduction to this, I hope it helps you. I am curious where you go with your investigations.
    Best Regards
    Tom M.
    CurieNeurons_Tools - General Vision Inc. (
    CurieNeurons Library. Get full access to the neurons of the Curie module. Learn motion and signals from other sensors on the go; Recognize them immediately
    General Vision Home (

    Intelligent IOT devices require low-power self-learning AI technology. This is why General Vision uses exclusively the NeuroMem® digital neuromorphic chips for pattern learning and recognition.
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