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Ternary Digital Clock with Arduino

Project tutorial by LAGSILVA

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Analog Clock with LED Matrix and Arduino

Project tutorial by LAGSILVA

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Random Number Generator with 8x8 LED Matrix and Arduino

Project tutorial by LAGSILVA

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  • Random Number Generator with 8x8 LED Matrix and Arduino 2 months ago

    Very well done, and a nice way to really dress up a simple circuit. I like the flexibility and additional functionality, but what I admire most is your decision not to go overboard with bells and whistles - and you knew when to stop tinkering (at least long enough to document the project well). Kudos!

  • Controlling of Servo Motor with Arduino and MPU6050 4 months ago

    I like this, and have wanted for some time to put such a mechanism together. It could be used to maintain the position of a chute on a snow-blower regardless of the direction the machine is pushed.

  • Arduino Controlled Traffic Lights for Kids Without Delay() 4 months ago

    I like this project for its hardware simplicity and for a good introduction to using millis() instead of delay().

    The 100 ohm resistance is probably a good choice as well, especially if it gives sufficient illumination without overstressing the LEDs or the Arduino's microcontroller chip. Typical (not low-current) red, orange, and green LEDs will light up adequately at 10mA forward current (If) and will have a forward voltage between 1.8V and 2V. Two of these in series will drop about 3.8V at 10mA, and the Arduino's output voltage at 10mA will be around 4.8V. Therefore the series resistance will be (4.8V - 3.8V) / 0.01A, which is indeed equal to 100 ohms.

    There are certainly many ways to do the timing delays with negligible blocking, and your method is pretty good. I really like this project for anyone interested in adding realistic traffic lights to a layout!

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