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Robotic Arm Plays Connect-Four

Project tutorial by DANNY003

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Convert Your Old Phone to a Remote Switch

Project tutorial by Vishwas Navada

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SCARA Arm Controlled by Joystick

by Fil2002 and EnricoTesta2002

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  • Buzz Wire with Score Counter over 1 year ago

    It works! I just had to add 5V to the MR pin on the 74HC595! (I did change a bit the code so the leds shows a water mark)
    Very fun project, Many thanks!

  • Buzz Wire with Score Counter over 1 year ago

    Hello, Behrooz66, Thanks for your reply. I condirm that the 74GC595 does support led as per the datasheet, But I just realized that the value of the resistors between ground and the leds must be 560 Ohm... or 470 as per the site you advised. I'll go on searching...
    I already grounded the OE pin; no change except that the led flash on power on...

  • Buzz Wire with Score Counter over 1 year ago

    Nice and fun project! I made it, the buzzer and the game are working fine, but the led count doesn't work... I replaced the 8 segment display by 8 leds with 220 Ohm resistors... Can you help ?

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