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  • Digital Dashboard about 5 years ago

    Hi Martin
    7 temp gauges + rpm counter operational, still need to order the sensors for the other gauges.
    Find the HTML code above

  • Digital Dashboard about 5 years ago

    Hi Dave. Temp gauges dont need to be fast responsive, in my code they get updated every 5 browser requests, in between the arduino sends the last measured values.
    Changing the sensors resolution dramatically improves polling time, automotive temp gauges dont need 12 bit (0.0625°C) resolution, 0.5°C or 9 bit resolution will do.
    In my case, measuring rpm on a slow running engine (160-170 rpm idle, 620rpm max), with only 1 measuring point takes time. To make the rpm counter more responsive I need more detection points/rev. In a car one could use a gearthooth sensor and let it count teeth on the starter gear. Measure the time it takes for 10 teeth to pass and you can calculate rpm in about 1/10 of a rev. Also: in a car you could connect the (or more) arduino by usb and retrieve the data over serial port ditching network overhead.
    I did not shortened the sensors wires, they come all together in a distribution box central between the widest spaced sensors, excess cabling is tie-rapped in loops. A +- 8 ft cable runs from the dist box to the Arduino, the network cable is 10M

  • Digital Dashboard about 5 years ago

    Hi Dave
    The sensors are IN the cooling circuit in contact with the fluid. See pics in attachements.
    I've welded a small metal vane (1"x1") on to the bolted flanges that connect crankshaft and gearbox, the hall sensor is mounted on a support so that the vane passes with a clearance of 3-4mm. Data sheet for the sensor in attachements.
    The optocoupler is to protect the arduino input pin, the sensor is fed 24VDC, wiring diagram in attachements.
    Succes :)

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