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Central Heating Boiler Control Box

Project tutorial by Peter Groeneveld

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Snacks Vending Machine Powered By Arduino

Project tutorial by Sevenmojoe

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Auto-Turret with Pixy and Nerf Gun

Project tutorial by RobotGeek Projects Team

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  • Central Heating Boiler Control Box over 1 year ago

    Nice work. Love the wiring and not often you see home projects with wires laced up like that. I used to love doing this on the ROV systems I worked on. A lot of it is still in place to this date some 20+ years later. I also used to have a boiler controller that ran over CAN bus with a weather station that was used to adjust the temperature based on the outside temperature vs internal. It also switched the boiler on during times I was away to ensure no freezing. Your attention to detail, even in the commenting of the code is a nice touch. Even for a hobby project it is always a good thing to do this so when you return to it many years later, you can remember what it did. :)
    Enjoy your retirement and hope you get time to work on and share more interesting projects.

  • Snacks Vending Machine Powered By Arduino over 2 years ago

    Apa kabar?

    Love this project. Great to see so many people here in Indonesia who do this sort of stuff. I've been here for nearly 12 years and the last few years I have come across so many who are into this sort of stuff. I spend a lot of time on Tokopedia ordering lots of little boards etc and automating my home. :)

    Good luck with your future

  • Seat Monitor about 3 years ago

    OK, I see it now. You are getting some form of distortion in the piezo sensor when someone sits on it.. That would generate a signal.

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