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Low Cost Educational Robot

Low Cost Educational Robot © GPL3+

This is a low cost robot that will help students in better learning and understanding.

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About this project

Helping Education

Today in developing countries, education has become the need of the hour. Most of the children don’t even get a proper place to study. They face many problems for getting their basic education. As we all know that the whole world is moving towards technology, and technology has revolutionized the world. We also know that a lot of money is required for technology based study, especially in developing countries. In market there are lots of robots for children’s education (Lego Mindstorm, Modular Robotics etc.). But their prices are so high that every child can’t afford them.


Recently some efforts have been conducted to solve this problem. African robotics network (AFRON) held a challenge in 2012 in which anyone can submit his robot that costs no more than 10 dollars. N-bot was the winner of AFRON challenge. One of the drawbacks of the robot is that it requires a mobile phone as a control unit, which again every student cannot buy. As we know that Pakistan is a developing country, and people here can’t afford these types of robots. Our schools needed low cost educational robots. These low cost robots can easily develop interaction with students. Robots can help students in fast learning. Robots can provide projects wherein students will apply what they have learned. Robots have the ability to get the attention of students, making it easier for them to understand the lessons.


Let’s take an example of two classrooms, class one with Human-Teacher and class two with Robot. Then you will be amazed to see that students in class two are showing more interests in learning as compared to class one. They want to do something creative. In developing countries, it is difficult for students to buy such expensive robots. Throughout the world, robots are gaining popularity as educational tools for the students in schools. Many schools, especially in developing countries, cannot afford expensive robots. The idea here is to develop a handy 10-inch robot that would cost under Rs.1000. It should have basic functionalities that allow the students to execute reasonable programming and control exercises on it.

Increased Understanding

When students interact with these robots, there will be a great opportunity for them to understand “How do I program a Robot?” Moreover, the scope of these low cost educational robots is so vast. By using a low cost educational robot, the officials of schools and colleges can easily arrange the technological based workshops and summer camps for early learning students. If we put these robots to market, then there can be great push in the market.


The robot have the following capabilities:

  • Moving forward and backward on flat, smooth surfaces
  • Turning in place in both directions
  • Detecting the direction of incoming light
  • Identifying distances using reflected infrared light
  • Following lines and edges
  • Following Light

Components Used:

  • Arduino Nano
  • L293d
  • IR Module
  • DC Motors
  • Resistors
  • LDR
  • Ultrasonic Sensor
  • LCD

Block Diagram:


line following


Schematic Diagram
Schematic gmb0csliwh


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