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Cheap DIY LASER ALARM - Multi Functional!

Cheap DIY LASER ALARM - Multi Functional! © CC BY-SA

Hello peepz, I created a little laser alarm from a laser Emitter and a Laser receiver. I used the ky-008 laser.

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Components and supplies

About this project

Hello peepz, I created a little laser alarm from a laser Emitter and a Laser receiver.

I used the ky-008 laser and the laser receiver i used is called ky-008-2 on my website.

Officially it is not called ky-008-2 but any receiver will do.

This device is multi functional, i left some ideas in the code.

Check the next step for the schematic and code.

The code is just a basic code but from here you can build many cool stuff.

So with the code you got the basics.

Step 1: Parts list.

Just wire it up like the schematic and it should work after uploading the code.

Parts list:

  • Arduino Uno, (I used a copy which has 7 analog pins, a quality new model from 2016 called RobotDyn Uno.)
  • Laser receiver ky-008-2 (I used ky-008-2 on my website as product code, i don't know the official code)
  • buzzer
  • A set of Jumper wires. MM / FF / FM
  • A power cable and a lamp fitting + lamp connected to the relay (optional)


Create something cool and show me in the comments!


//Author Danny van den Brande., also check out my forum to find more info and example codes for most common sensors @
//Do whatever you want with this. I wrote it so you got my OK, :)
//To keep the alarm running when triggered you need to do some modifications, but with this you got the basics to build from.
//its just an example on how to build a cheap quality multifunctional alarm system.

//Some ideas. 
//               " Laser tripwire/alarm with relay. multifunctional "
//* you can use it for an alarm, for burgelars, so a laser tripwire alarm as it is now.
//  you can attach a big RED light with a sound siren to the alarm with the relay or just a lamp or any device you wanna attach. 
//* you can build it inside a closet so when you open the door a lamp will go on, like a magnet lamp.
//* you can build it inside a door of a selfmade car to make a door beep.
//* You can build a SMOKE generator alarm with it. You your whole house will be filled with smoke using the relay + which turns on a attached smoke generator.
//* you can also make a cool tripwire bomb from it for airsoft, i would not use it outside cuz a bug like a ant or fly could trigger it.
//* You do not need to use the laser on the arduino you can use a external one, with external power.
//* Its a very cheap multifunctional device, You can save a lot of money with this code and my Schematic.
//* the laser sensors are for sale on my website, as well as the relay and 7 Color led.
// setup the pins here
int MulticolorLed = 4; // i used the 7 color led, just for the show. You can add any led or led module.
//you can also remove the led module to save power, if the source comes from a battery.

int Relay = 5;

int LaserEmitter = 6; 

int LaserDetector = 7;

int Buzzer = 8;
// here i set up the tones, you can change them @ void loop.
int tones[] = {261, 277, 293, 311, 329, 349, 369, 392, 415, 440, 466, 493, 523 ,554};
//              1    2    3    4    5    6    7    8    9    10   11   12   13   14
// You can add more tones but i added 14. Just fill in what tone you would like to use, @ void loop you see " tone(Buzzer, tones[12]); " below,  digitalWrite(Buzzer, HIGH);
// here you can change the tones by filling in a number between 1 and 14

void setup()


Serial.begin (9600);

pinMode(LaserEmitter, OUTPUT);

pinMode(LaserDetector, INPUT);

pinMode(MulticolorLed, OUTPUT);

pinMode(Buzzer, OUTPUT);
digitalWrite(Buzzer, LOW);

pinMode(Relay, OUTPUT);
digitalWrite(Relay, LOW);
//Part of buzzer tones
for (int i = 0; i < Buzzer; i++) 

void loop()


digitalWrite(LaserEmitter, HIGH);

boolean val = digitalRead(LaserDetector);

Serial.println(val); // Open the Serial Monitor to see the values

if (val == 0) // Here we set value to 0 with a if statement, because the laser sensor reads a value of 1 or 0. Its reads value 1 when the laser is aimed at the receiver.
              // so value 0 is what we set for this alarm right now. To change the alarm to a alarm that works the other way around you simply change this value to 1.
              // How would it work the other way around? well like a alarm you see in the movies that protects a diamond.. when the diamond or any item is removed the alarm will go off.


digitalWrite(Buzzer, HIGH); // here the Buzzer is set high in order to make a sound.
tone(Buzzer, tones[6]); //here we set the tone by choosing from number 1 to 14
delay (50);
digitalWrite(Buzzer, LOW); // here we set the buzzer low and next we set noTone for the buzzer to make a break.
delay (50); //this is the delay between each buzzer beep. You can play with the sounds by choosing from number 1 to 14
digitalWrite(Buzzer, HIGH);
tone(Buzzer, tones[9]);
delay (100);
digitalWrite(Buzzer, LOW);
delay (100);
digitalWrite(Buzzer, HIGH);
tone(Buzzer, tones[14]);
delay (50);
digitalWrite(Buzzer, LOW);
digitalWrite(MulticolorLed, HIGH); //Here we set the led to high, it will only flash when the alarm is triggered
digitalWrite(Relay, HIGH); //here we set the relay to high, it will also only turn on when the laser is not aimed at the laser receiver


else //here we use the else statement to turn everything off when the if statement is reading the laser receivers value of 1


digitalWrite(Relay, LOW);// here everything turns off, so is set to low. This happens when the laser aims at the Laser receiver.
digitalWrite(Buzzer, LOW);
digitalWrite(MulticolorLed, LOW);






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