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  • O'Clock 5 months ago
  • O'Clock 12 months ago

    For alarm melody is used: "melody in RTTTL format".
    Use Google to find how to get any existing or generate your own one.
    oclock.cpp:96 present 5 included melody. Change any of them on your own and be enjoyed.

  • O'Clock about 1 year ago

    Hi, there are 3 screen modes when you can see some alarm information.
    1. On the main screen you can see a dot in the bottom right corner. It means that on this day of week the alarm is armed (it's not depend on the alarm and current time).
    2. On the alarm information screen you can see dots on the left column. Every dot is the day of week when the alarm is armed (from top to bottom beginning from Monday). Dot in the next column presents the current day of week.
    3. On the alarm setup screen. Cursor is the bottom line. Line above is an indicator that the alarm is armed on the corresponding day beginning from Monday.

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